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My Gorgeous Life

Attractive, Active, and In Demand!

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8 October 1968
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As eclectic as they come:

* Gay (out in the community, work, and involved with a couple different kinds of social groups)
* Sci-fi geek (all incarnations of Star Trek, Babylon 5, Earth: Final Conflict, Farscape, Doctor Who)
* Cartoon fan (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, South Park, Invader Zim, Family Guy, and I'm told I look like Hermey the Dentist Elf from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")
* Disney buff (collect Sleepy, former Disneyland Annual Passholder, been to Walt Disney World many times)
* TV watcher (mostly the shows listed above)
* TV collector of expired shows (Greg the Bunny, The Tick, So NoTorious)
* Slasher (cartoons, for the most part - Storm Hawks, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Venture Bros.)
* Video game player (City of Heroes, Grand Theft Auto III, Serious Sam, StarCraft)
* Computer user (currently using a Dell desktop & laptop, but used to be an avid Mac geek with my old PowerMac 7100, and Plus and SE's before that)
* SCAdian (Society for Creative Anachronism, currently Kingdom of Atlantia, formerly Kingdoms of the East and Caid)
* Den Mother of Clan Blue Feather (also SCA, GLBT group, and run the encampment and annual Ball at the Pennsic War each year)
* Receptionist at Margibtinlin Industries ("Makers of Fine Oriental Cookware and Quality Ball Bearings since 1985!")
* Devotedly twisted Median
* Country fan (music and two-stepping/line dancing, even competed once and came in second)
* Unitarian Universalist (one-time choir director, worked on regional music and GLBT issues)
* Actor (known infamously for my portrayal of Linus in "Snoopy!", have also done "Fiddler on the Roof," "Godspell," "Tomfoolery," and others)
* Singer
* Broadway fan (Jekyll & Hyde, Jesus Christ Superstar, Chess)
* Sci-fi fan conventioneer & SMOF (helped run Conjecture, ran Gaylaxicon 2004, involved in local San Diego fandom, attended cons like Philcon, Loscon, Balticon, Worldcon, etc.)
* Costumer (SCA & sci-fi - have done the Riddler, Star Trek, Psi Corps, Pokemon, others)
* Avid Doper (that's The Straight Dope Message Board, fool - they call me The Gay Guy)
* Transplanted Marylander (from Philadelphia, born and raised, and moved to in 2000, from in 2005, and plan to move back to San Diego soon)
* Rice queen (was involved with the San Diego chapter of Long Yang Club International, now involved with DC's Asians & Friends Washington)
* Single (divorced, really)
* Brother (to The Good Sister and the Evil Sister)
* Son (yay Mom, miss ya Dad!)
* Uncle (6 adorable nieces and nephews)
* Friend (and have too many to list here, but I love you all!)

Anything else?

Oh, I also started clanbluefeather, longyangclub, gaylaxicon, gaylaxians, lgbtmilfamilies, sandiegofandom, gay_southern_md, margibtinlin, cartoonboys, finn_junko and conjecture_sd, plus I help maintain chalice_circle and rainbowboys.
6teen, acting, aol, avenue q, b5, babylon 5, barry manilow, billy joel, blogging, bloo, blue feather, bluefeather, board games, broadway, calafia, card games, cartoon slash, city of heroes, clan blue feather, clan bluefeather, clanbluefeather, classical music, cnn, conjecture, costuming, country music, disney, disneyland, disneyland annual passholder, doctor who, dopers, dr. who, earth: final conflict, ebay, ellen, ellen degeneres, elton john, esprix, family guy, farscape, fhfif, filipinos, foster's, foster's home, freecycle, gallifrey, gam, games, gaming, gams, gay, gay asian, gay asian male, gay asian men, gay men, gay pride, gay sci-fi, gay science fiction, gaylactic network, gaylaxians, gaylaxicon, gir, glbt pride, google, grand theft auto, gtaiii, ikea, imdb, invader zim, joe phillips, johnny mathis, kathy griffin, lgbt pride, libra, lilo and stitch, livejournal, lj, long yang club, lyc, margibtinlin, matt_mcl, navy, npr, pbs, pennsic, pennsic war, permanent accounts, philadelphia, philippines, philly, planet lambda, pride, public radio, queer sci-fi, queer science fiction, rice queen, san diego, sca, sci-fi, sci-fi cons, sci-fi conventions, science fiction, science fiction conventions, sdmb, serious sam, showtunes, singing, slash, sleeping, sleepy, smcm, smof, smofing, smofs, society for creative anachronism, somd, south park, southern maryland, st. mary's college, st:ds9, st:tng, st:tos, st:voy, star trek, starcraft, storm hawks, straight dope, straight dope message board, tea, teeming millions, the simpsons, the straight dope, themoviespoiler.com, tivo, two-stepping, uc san diego, ucsd, unitarian universalism, us navy, uu, uuism, video games, walt disney world, wasting time at work, web surfing, wikipedia, winged men, yahoo, zuma

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