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  • Sun, 17:13: All is well. Good night's sleep, tent is up, ear slowly getting better, good friends and lots of laughs. Feels like Pennsic.
  • Mon, 00:09: Another day winding down. Weather is hot but not brutal. All my stuff is in my tent. Local KFC closed so Arby's for dinner.
  • Mon, 00:11: Happy to see T'Ger & Alex, Lyttle John, Alexandros, Corey, Mary, Gabbo, Celeb & everyone else. Feelin' the love (burns a bit).
  • Mon, 00:12: Plans for tomorrow include a town run and making other plans. Also got my paid parking and Pennsic mug today.
  • Mon, 11:52: Up a little early even with overcast skies. Had tea and breakfast, then a shower and shopping.
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