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Music & Me

Over the last couple of weeks I've found myself suddenly listening to music again for the first time in years...

I think it started when I got my Droid. I mean, I had music on my old phone (an LG enV Touch), but the Droid is shiny and new and blah blah blah. Besides, I've got two long drives coming up to and from Pennsic, and it's far easier than lugging along the CDs I brought last year. Heck, I even downloaded a couple of books on tapes because I enjoyed listening to Harry Potter a couple years ago. So I've found myself diving into my ancient CD collection and really enjoying rediscovering old favorites as I'm ripping them to my computer.

I've also started actually downloading music for a change. I've always been pro-CD if for no other reason it serves as a backup (and an untampered-with, unlicensed one at that). Still, finding that one song I've always wanted and being able to have it 30 seconds later is worth its weight in gold, as t'were.

I mean, it's not like I stopped listening to music altogether, but in the mornings I tend to listen to NPR, which also played a nice classical mix as well in the afternoons. The only other time I'd listen to music would be during car trips, but in those cases I tended to have a driving companion whose musical tastes do not generally appeal to me (and even though he usually slept while I drove, I tended to just listen to whatever I could get on the radio out here in the boonies that wasn't playing some useless drivel like Kesha or whatever trash passes for pop music these days). Given my change in circumstances, it's nice to be able to listen to my own music for a change without needing to justify it to someone else (and, in its own way, the process of rediscovering my music is probably a byproduct of what I'm going through right now).

So, given all that, and realizing that my old phone is now a perfectly servicable independent MP3 player (with a longer battery life than my Droid), I've been ripping like crazy with my Pennsic deadline. Much fun!

I did discover a few things about my music. First, I've got a lot of Broadway (SUCH a queen). Second, I'm finding a short list of voices that I just can't get enough of, including k.d. lang, Annie Lennox, George Michael, Trisha Yearwood, and Wynonna. In my mind, these people can pretty much do no wrong. Third, I do like my compilations - I've renewed my love of Bond film music, I've found CDs like "Songs To Sing Out Loud" and "Music To Move To San Diego By," and I'm thinking about re-creating "Sad Songs" volumes 1 to 7 that I'd made on cassette about four million years ago. :)

So that's it. Just random musings about my music from an ex-music major. :)

(Oh, and speaking of Broadway and such, does it make me a bad brother or uncle that I convinced my sister to take her 14-year-old daughter to see Avenue Q in NYC this past weekend? Apparently she's singing "The Internet Is For Porn" all over the house now. Hee hee!)
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