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Another weekend wrap-up

I always feel obliged to post an update on Mondays since I usually actually do stuff on the weekends. Huh.

Last week was quiet, then Friday night I had gaming and Q went to a banquet for work. We met up at a friend's place to hang out afterwards with a bunch of people. Alas, he was REALLY bombed and wasn't acting himself, so I left him in the care of our neighbors who promised to bring him home later. "Later" turned out to be around 8 the next morning, but after a discussion, we got past it.

Saturday we saw Thor, and I highly recommend it. It had the production values of Fantastic Four or Ironman, but I think Kenneth Branaugh brought a very clear directorial vision which helped elevate it above some of the other comic book genre films of late (and no doubt JMS' touches helped in the writing). Chris Hemsworth was also charming and quite easy on the eyes, and I rather enjoyed both Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Loki for the way they played their parts. Afterwards Q had to work, so I stayed home and got some stuff done around the house. Also, TALKING TO THE TARDIS OMG! :)

Sunday we got up and went right out to help our neighbors move back across the street, and followed up with some pizza. Q went to work again, and I mostly vegged.

So it's back to work today, but it's a short week - we leave for Chicago for the Tonner convention after work on Wednesday. It'll be an interesting and fun trip, I'm sure, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of those crazy doll folk again. :)
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