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An unusually productive Monday for me

Much accomplished today - productive day at work despite losing power for a short while, finally put on the new registration stickers on my license plate, bought a game I've been looking for for weeks (Burn Rate, out of print so hard to find), avoided crashing on the couch and/or getting sucked into the computer all night, got the nifty custom glass gaming tokens I ordered, checked the car for leaks and topped off the fluids, dished some dirt with Gabbo, paid some bills, ate dinner, did several loads of laundry, graciously forgave Q his callous disregard for my feelings from the weekend, pulled together our tax information to do later this week, updated my to do list, and am now off to bed to cuddle with some kitties. Brilliant! All that after a mixed bag of a weekend (shopping, cleaning, friends over for dinner, Q's aforementioned transgression, sloth, chores, sleep).
Tags: car, chores, day to day, food, friends, gaming, gifts, gossip, money, party, pennsic, posh & prince, pride house, q, relationship stuff, sca, shopping, sleep, to do, work

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