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I just got off the phone with my mother. My cat, Bart, who I guess is over 10 years old now, was drinking a lot of water and urinating more than usual over the past couple of weeks, so they took him to the vet - and he's got diabetes. :(

Couple of problems - first, they want to keep him for a couple of days to do complete bloodwork to find out if it's affected any organs (like the kidneys) and to find out what dosage he would need for daily injections. Now, he HATES going to the vet - my father evidently had to wrap him in a blanket just to get him through the door, and suffered a couple of scratches in the process. (The last time I took him for a shot the vet gave me a kitty tranqilizer to feed him the next time I brought him in, but my mother couldn't find it.) My mother is obviously afraid that he wouldn't be so keen on getting a shot every day and what they might have to go through to give it to him. (My thinking is it's the vet's office, not the actual shot, which is what freaks him out, so it might be ok.) Add to this the fact that my parents are leaving in two weeks to Florida for a month, and nazcr is planning to keep an eye on him for us (at our place, not hers), and we're not sure if she'd be ok treating him like that, or if he'd be ok with her doing it. So this is no easy task.

The alternative? Since he seems healthy, do nothing and wait until he gets seriously ill (which could be a month, or could be many mnths), but at that point he'd likely have to be put down. :(

So I told my mother to call the vet back, see how much the blood work would cost, talk to him about them leaving for a month, get his input, and then maybe we'd have a better picture of what to do next.

I so wanted to bring him with me to San Diego, but Myke and John have a dog, Indiana, that's not good with small animals (and really Bart's not great with other animals himself), so even though Mom and Dad mock protested at having to take care of him, he's had a loving home for the past two years with them (as evidenced by who FAT he's gotten). I wish I could bring him here and take care of him myself, but I can't. Mom's as upset as I am over the prospect of losing him, and long-term care is going to be difficult.

Blah. I miss my cat. :(

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