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This week and this weekend

No gaming Wednesday since Myke had rehearsal, Daniel had work or plans or something, David's sick and Ben's still working Wednesdays, so I mollified myself by doing a little laundry, playing some Starcraft (I still need to start in on the Brood expansion), and talking to Q. Before I went to bed I played an hour of Halo with Daniel, who trounced my ass (I don't care for the controls nor the split screen, but I'll play again). Q and I coordinatd our calendars for what we need to do over the next few weekends, plus talked about flying home for Christmas (fares are outrageous, of course).

Yesterday morning I stopped off at a florist to pick up some flowers for Ebonye who has been out all week because her godfather died. I got up late anyway, but I got to the store right at 9:00, which is when it was supposed to open (so it wouldn't have done me any good to be on time anyway). Unfortunately, the woman didn't actually get there and open up until almost 9:30, which kind of irked me. I got a nice plant arrangement, but she didn't make it in until today. Was QUITE busy at work since AMB had an LA trip today and will be in San Francisco for a dinner Sunday and a luncheon on Monday. I had to do the placecards, stuff the packets, ship them, make the flight, hotel and car reservations, plus do the normal stuff I do every day. I actually skipped lunch entirely (which I almost never do - I'll heat up soup or something if I'm pressed for time, but I didn't eat AT ALL), didn't leave work until almost 5:30, didn't get home until after 6:00, and by the time I finished eating it was past 7:00. Since it was the only night they were able to do it, Q and Yudi wanted to go see "Another American: Asking and Telling" at Diversionary, and I had planned on going, but between being tired, it being late and the fact that I wasn't really dying to see this show, I decided to opt out. Yudi even was surprised I had said I was coming since being gay in the military was "their issue," not mine, and he figured it would give him and Q a chance to talk about it afterwards. Besides, it seems like a good decision since afterwards they went to Urban Grind and ended up talking for about 2 hours, and both of them said that was one of the first times just the two of them had sat down to get to know each other better. Quincy called when I was just heading to bed and hinted that Yudi revealed some interesting information about why we broke up, but Yudi said today that he didn't say anything we hadn't already said before. I also was saying some nice things to Quincy, but he was being goofy and mocking me. He's so cute, but sometimes I wonder about where I can hide the body... ;)

One of the things I was talking to him about was something Lori told me at work yesterday. While getting Annamarie ready for the trip I stopped into Pat's office to ask her some questions about our Vice Chancellor, and she made a comment that she never had to worry about any trips planned by Regional because we really had our act together, paid attention to the details, and so on. Evidently after that she was talking with Lori and she talked about me specifically, about how I'd grown in the last two years and what an asset I am to Development and what a great job I do and what a great guy I am to work with and so forth. Certainly other people in other divisions have expressed this to me (notably Carol by offering me a job), but it was nice to hear it from someone as high up as Pat. I really do like my job, and it made me realize that I could have a serious and rewarding career track here at the University, which just adds another consideration to my decision about what to do come April. Argh. :(

I got up a little late again today, but who cares? Annamarie's not here. :D Been working getting myself organized and making sure I'm up to speed on stuff since I get today and Monday to myself. I'm leaving right from work to go to Quincy's for Balboa Park tonight.

So tonight it's December Nights on the Prado with LYC, plus GMCSD is singing. Tomorrow Q is working on spending time with James since they skipped Thursday, but I'll head to coffee and dinner, and then GMCSD is going carolling in Hillcrest. Sunday is Stella and David's gingerbread house party open house thingie, and then we're going to see Myke's production of "A Christmas Carol" at First UU.

Next week is shopping at Horton Plaza on Tuesday, the ER holiday party on Thursday, Quincy's concert Friday and Saturday, and then we're going to Disneyland on Sunday! HOOBAH! The following week will be the light show at the Wild Animal Park, a G'con staff meeting, the December pot luck, and then (hopefully) home for the holidays.


Ah, I can hear the throngs gathering across the hall for the Research Department's holiday party (they always do a cookie theme - yum!), the first of the season for us here in ER. I'm considering it my official kick-off for the season - I even decorated my cubicle today while listening to "John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together." :D

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