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Dreaming of airports?

Been meaning to post something more substantial, but I was reminded of a weird dream I had this weekend.

I was at San Diego airport, but it only peripherally resembled it. I got dropped off by a taxi or van out in the middle of the parking lot and had to walk to the building, but there was a mall complex that I had to walk through to get to the actual terminals. I could take two paths to get there, but the path I chose took me out of the complex and up a road that turned into a winding mountain unpaved road. It was still taking me to the terminal, just in the most roundabout way possible. Oddly, I wasn't panicked at all - I just calmly followed where I needed to go and figured I'd either make my plane or not, no worries.

I like panic dreams where I don't actually panic. :)
Tags: dreams, introspection, san diego, wtf?

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