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An overdue update

Hullo. Haven't posted much of substance lately, so I should rectify that.

Holidays were pleasant. Drove up to Mom's on the 22nd, went to the Medians Christmas party on the 23rd, was regaled with debauchery and silliness, and drove back on Christmas Eve. Q worked the weekend, so we had a quiet Christmas together, and managed to go see friends and game a little. Went back up to Mom's on the 28th, went to a New Year's Eve party in NJ, and my sisters and the kids came down New Year's Day to do the whole family Christmas thing.

We got some decent loot, including a new iron, lots of gift cards, some goodies from WDW, a couple of games, stuff for the house, and cash monies.

Work's been quiet but chugging along, getting ready for the kids' return next week. New carpeting in the Library went smoothly and looks great. Have plenty of things to do to keep me busy this week.

Gaymas is this weekend, so lots to do there to get ready, too (didn't help that I fell asleep on the couch after work last night). Looking at some afternoon gaming and then drinking and general revelry at night. Didn't do nearly enough this past weekend to get ready, but might have a snow day tomorrow, so that'll be a plus. (BTW, weather, if you're going to snow, could you just please go ahead and SNOW? This back and forth BS is annoying. KTHNXBAI.)

Otherwise all is well. How's with you?
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