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A true Pennsic overview

OK, for those of you who don't grok Pennsic, I finally got the arial photos in the mail, so check these out.

First, here's an overview of our block (I marked off our encampment, and our tent particularly):

OK, so that shows about maybe a dozen blocks; here's almost the entirety of the camping area (again, with our tent marked - see if you can find us!):

And, just so you know, there's more camping off to the right of the picture, the parking just starts in the lower left, the entire large empty field on the right is the battlefield, and the little yellow dots in the upper right are school buses, which is what we drive by as we drive into the campground.

By the way? We walk that. ALL of that. A LOT. :)

And for those who are still lost, here's a link to my online Pennsic photo essay:
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