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Writer's Block: Wintertime is here

How do you feel about the winter holidays? Has your opinion changed over the years?

When I moved to southern California from Philadelphia, people would ask, "Don't you miss the snow?" My answer was, yes, I did - for 15 minutes on Christmas Eve, which is why I went home for the holidays; then it was right back to palm trees and sunshine.

Now I always said I didn't move to SoCal for the weather, but it sure was a nice perk. Having been back on the east coast for 5 years now, I can say I do miss that perk (especially after last year's massive snowstorms!).

So, yes, snow on Christmas is one of my favorite things ever, but I'm not opposed to decorating a cactus with a string of lights. :)
Tags: christmas, holiday, introspection, life, maryland, san diego, weather, writer's block

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