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And now, a joeyhemlock meme

"List 10 things (or five, if you're lazy) that make you smile. These should be generic and not involve specific people so others can bask in your glory. "Having my nostrils licked by my lover" is acceptable; "Having Vic Tayback lick my nostrils" is not, even if you're sleeping with him (which, ewwww, because he's dead and all). Feel free to mention people in context of their work/art, though, i.e. "A Bon Jovi song" or "Ralph Nader's Gonads". Let's pretend like that made sense."

  1. Quincy (breaks the rules of the meme, but I don't care)
  2. A cup of hot cinnamon tea
  3. Thinking of my nieces and nephews
  4. Bart and other, less important kitties
  5. Snuggling in for the night under the covers
  6. Waking up in the morning and not having to get up right away
  7. Going to Disneyland
  8. Text messages on my phone
  9. Sleepy
  10. Beautiful, warm, sunny days in San Diego

Now I'm all smiley. :) <-- See?
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