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Feeling a bit less stressed today. Had to run the car to the mechanic yesterday at lunchtime, but he called and said he just needed to adjust the struts to stop them from creaking (although he said they probably need to be replaced at some point - UGH - but for now the car is completely safe to drive). Left work, went home, got our hairs cut, picked up the car, did a little shopping (couldn't find plain red gloves, so may make them myself), finished up some work I brought home to finish, and finally finished sewing the pants (got to bed around 2:30 a.m.).

I'm still left with the entirety of the cloak to sew, but after a brief chat with a co-worker this morning, I'm feeling comfortable ditching the lining and hem for now (it's cheap fake velvet, so it naturally curls anyway); otherwise I'd be in the hotel room sewing away on Friday night once we get there. I'll probably give it the old collge try anyway (I'll be able to leave work at lunch today, thankfully), but if I don't finish it I've accepted it and am not stressing about it.

Once home it's pack and off to Mom's. Going to be a heck of a weekend...
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