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Sooooo exhausted...

Running myself ragged. Friday night was a party with friends, then Saturday we had to cancel plans to hang out with friends at the Ren Faire (see my last post as to why). Was I able to at least get some work done? No - we headed into DC Saturday night for dinner and clubbing with mike14780 who was in town from San Francisco for an interview. Got home waaaaay too late, so most of the day Sunday was spent sleeping, although I did manage to finish sewing the shirt for my costume. Yesterday I had to leave work a little early to go renew my driver's license, and then last night I had to run out and get a few more yards of fabric, and stayed up waaaaay too late cutting the patterns. Tonight we have to get our hair cut, take the car back in to get looked at (making weird creaking noises since we got the axels replaced last week), and I have to actually sew the cloak and pants to finish my costume. I was hoping not to take the day off of work tomorrow, but we'll see how much I get done tonight, because we're leaving to Mom's at some point, then Thursday we'll stop and see friends for a while in Massachusetts on our way to Vermont, then the convention is Friday through Sunday, then it's an overnight stay seeing friends in Albany, and finally stopping at Mom's to pick up the cats on Monday and hopefully getting home at some reasonable time.

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