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Political wackos

Thank you, Tea Party candidates, for showing us your crazy well ahead of election day. Angle in Arizona calls Latino kids Asian (just the latest in a string of gaffes - where were those headless corpses in the desert, exactly?), O'Donnell in Delaware doesn't know what the First Amendment says (also the latest in a crazy series - witch, anyone?), Paladino in New York is a flat-out right-wing nutjob, and Paul in Kentucky is exactly the looney-toons I thought he was. For the first time I think since I started voting, I'm doing my research and voting in the mid-terms this year to do my part in keeping these idiots out of office.


Oct. 20th, 2010 10:51 am (UTC)
I remember thinking the same thing about the Harper Conservatives.

I don't want to be the voice of gloom here, but these people and the movements they've built run on crazy. High-octane batshit is the fuel of radical conservatism.

They make up statistics, and when called on it their supporters trust them over the real numbers. They reverse positions and get caught making hypocritical statements, and their supporters don't remember. They can't find a country they're bombing on a map, and their supporters think it's endearing - proof that they're not some liberal egghead. They prove a wilful ignorance of science, history, basic math, or even brute reality, and their supporters cheer.

And even if the media is playing videotaped footage of their madness, their supporters will just shrug and say the media hates them - and not just the candidate, but all "ordinary people."

Hopefully it drives off enough swing voters to derail their campaigns. But none of that is going to dent their core support. It might even encourage them :(
Oct. 20th, 2010 03:16 pm (UTC)

But, yes, you're right - they'll always have core supporters. I'm just hoping they'll be just crazy enough to (a) drive a wedge between them at the rest of the GOP to cause enough of a fracture that it'll split their votes, thereby giving more Democrats wins; and/or (b) they'll drive away moderate Republicans and undecideds into *not* voting for them, thereby giving more Democrats wins.

But, as I said above, since their campaign seems to be, "Vote for us 'cause we're not Republican," I'm not exactly inspired by the Democrats, either. They can do SOOOOO much better than this. :/

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