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My little queer campus

I am heartened by the fact that not only are the queer faculty and staff on campus working on reviving a "Safe Space" initiative on campus to help out anyone who needs someone to listen to them following the incomprehensible slew of student suicides over the past few weeks, but that we are calling the administration to task over not making some kind of public statement of support in a timely manner - and they are listening and agreeing and working to rectify it ASAP.

We may be a tiny little liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere, but the fact that it's an oasis of progressiveness in a desert of conservatism is so fundamentally satisfying to me, mostly because of these people I think of as friends.

So, um, yay queers! :)
Tags: aw, friends, introspection, liberal rubbish, maryland, queer issues, ranting and raving, work

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