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RE: Today

Today has been fired. It has been given its' pink slip, and been escorted from the building by security. Its' computer has been seized, and its' keycard has been voided. All current employees are advised that no further business-related contact is allowed with Today under any circumstances; failure to adhere to this policy may incur disiplinary action up to and including termination.

BONUS QUESTION #1: How many e-mails, phone calls, voicemails, work orders and in-person conversations does it take to convince Maintenance that the door lock is actually broken? 13, apparently.

BONUS QUESTION #2: How many Maintenance employees does it take to actually fix that lock? 6, apparently.

BONUS QUESTION #3: How much of my day needs to spent dealing with this BS? All of it, apparently.
Tags: day to day, fuck you!, grrr, hate, work
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