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Monday update

The party Saturday night was a blast! Q and I made a Costco and Ralphs run with Darrel, grabbed some food, headed back to the hotel and got set up (which I could not have done without Q's help - thank you honey!). We had probably 150 people come in and out, and all the parties in general were hopping. They wouldn't let us visually link the three San Diego cons together with rope lights, but people still knew we were all partying together, so it's all good. Only sold one membership, but reconnected with a lot of people and did some good networking. We finally kicked everyone out around 2:00 am, and Q was quite a bit trashed and ended up falling right asleep (although he does not remember the things we did before he fell asleep, that's how drunk he was - blackouts aren't pretty!).

We got up around 10 on Sunday, had breakfast/lunch with David, made a last pass through the art show (of the only two pieces I was interested in, one sold and one wasn't available after the auction) and dealers room (although the Civil War/pirate/goth surcoats were extremely nice, I wasn't up for $200, even if the red one was sparkly and everyone said I should get it). Since David decided to go home with The Hat and Ryan needed a ride home, we finally climbed into the car around 4:00 and headed home. They both fell asleep for the most part, but it was an uneventful ride home. All in all a pleasant Loscon. (Oh, and Wil Wheaton was there! I saw him on a writing panel with Keith Hartman, and I'll have to ask him later how it went.)

When we got home we watched a few of the features from Daniel's X-2 DVD, then met up with Yudi and Travis, Q's little crush, at Denny's for dinner and coffee.

Thankfully I'm feeling much better - the cough is rapidly fading, the sniffles are drying up, and I don't feel crappy. Unfortunately, Q said he was feeling dizzy and queasy today, but heaven forbid he actually go to the doctor (or wherever the heck they're supposed to go when they're sick in the Navy). I hope he's ok. :(

Mom called, and Dad finally got moved into a regular room in step-down. Although she said the incision looks disgusting, the doctor assured her he's healing nicely, although they're waiting for it to "start working" (I may need to call Dr. Giang for some insight here). They also took out the feeding tube during the surgery, so I hope that's a good sign. Mom says he's been on painkillers and has been sleeping most of the past few days, so we'll have to wait and see. She sounds ok so far, so I hope that lasts, although I keep having to remind her to ask the doctors if she has questions.

So tonight it's household stuff, and this weekend Q and Yudi want to see "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" at Diversionary, Friday night we're supposed to go to Christmas on the Prado in Balboa Park, and at some point I need to start Christmas shopping. Whee!

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