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Thoughts on Pride

LiveJournal is offering up a purple rhino virtual gift to support PFLAG this week, which is kind of keen. However, they also have a rainbow flag, but their colors are wrong (they put purple on top). Are we all in distress all of a sudden?

In talking about Pride, I posted this comment that sort of sums up how I feel about Pride anymore:

"You've been watching too many mainstream news reports that focus on the most outlandish of our celebrations. If you'd actually ever attended a Pride event in the past few years you'd see mostly the following:

* Church groups
* Political action groups
* Political candidates running for office
* PFLAG members
* Children with their same-sex parents
* Youth support groups
* HIV/AIDS and other health-related organizations
* Senior citizen organizations
* Artistic, musical and performance groups
* Local mainstream and community businesses
* Disabled services
* Community sports teams
* And, yes, community bars with hot guys and girls on their floats

Honestly? IT'S KIND OF BORING. I think it was far more lascivious in the 70's and 80's, but we, as both a community and as a political movement, have grown up in a lot of ways. I mean, I went to Washington, DC Pride just two years ago and saw a grand total of *2* drag queens the ENTIRE time. (I'm sure both of them made it on to the evening news, though.)

As more of an example, corporate sponsors for San Diego Pride include:

* Bud Light
* Cox Cable
* The Gay & Lesbian Times newspapers
* Vons supermarkets
* The Bottom Line magazine
* Orbitz Travel
* Rage Monthly
* San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
* Barefoot Wine
* Wells Fargo Bank
* Malibu Rum
* Svedka Vodka
* Lavendar Lens
* Aetna Healthcare
* Rok Promotional Products
* Hilton San Diego
* Hillcrest Pharmacy
* Hewlett-Packard
* Early Test
* Qualcomm
* Cytic Software
* KY

An interesting mix of mainstream and community businesses that are as diverse as our community in general.

So we may be inherently a more sexually progressive group of people than Peoria, but we're also older, wiser, and have different goals than we did even five years ago. Times change, and for the better, IMHO."
So, yeah, basically, I still love Pride, but it's turned into "same rainbow crap, different year." Fortunately when my interest started to wane (along with my youth, good looks and waistline) my SMOFing abilities kicked in and I found a new way of enjoying Pride by standing on a float or sitting behind the booth of a group or cause I feel passionate about (in San Diego it was Gaylaxicon, Long Yang Club and San Diego Queer Sci-Fi, and if I did it out here it'd probably be the Metropolitan Community Church we attend irregularly).

Still, it really is kind of boring. Although I do agree that public sex acts and whippin' out your hoo-hoo are really, really gross and inappropriate at Pride (except, perhaps, at Folsom Street, but that's an entirely different kind of Pride), I say we need MORE scantily-clad sexy bois and grrls, WAY WAY WAY more drag queens, and perhaps consider taking a step back from all the corporate sponsorship and go back to our roots of political action and community cohesion. (Oh, yeah, I dream big...)

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