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The past few days

Friday - Had a team meeting in the morning, and then we went off to the Development mini-retreat. Us peons got to leave after lunch, but the DO's got to stay through the afternoon. Annamarie did a presentation which by all accounts went well, although the DO's who had already made up their mind that we were either doing their work for them or were competition to steal prospects (regardless of the fact that all the money will still go to their department if that's what the prospect is interested in) didn't change their minds, but hopefully those without an opinion walked away with a good one. And evidently I was mentioned as being the nutjob everyone will see at the holiday party. :D I left work a little early since the office was dead and I was starting to feel sick (the nasty cough was starting), so Quincy came over and we watched Mystery Men because he'd never seen it. He was tired, so he stayed overnight.

Saturday - Quincy got up early and went to a photo op and rehearsal for the chorus. I was really starting to feel sick, so I slept in. I did get up and go to coffee, and Quincy and Yudi met us there for a bit but they had a performance downtown so they went to that (although I missed seeing Q in his tux). The rest of us went to Chef's Wok for dinner, then I went right home. Quincy went to an after party where he chatted up an old crush of his, but it's unclear whether Yudi kept having to remind him he was married now or if he was able to remember on his own. :) He called me when he got home and he was more than a little tipsy (which concerned me when he said he drove himself home).

Sunday - Didn't get up too late as I had a lot of prep work to do for the G'con meeting, but I got it mostly done. Met Bill there a little early (and had the meeting in the new meeting room at David's), and had a good productive meeting. Afterwards I went to City Deli with some folks and brought them up to speed on the whole Maryland thing. Afterwards I stopped at Q's for some snuggle time, but by this point I was coughing quite a bit. :(

Monday - Having tossed and turned all night and gotten very little sleep, I called in sick to work. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten Annamarie was in LA for the day, so around noon Rebecca called asking where I was. Meanwhile Daniel and Arvin started his move-in process, and pretty much got everything done in the afternoon (amazing how much stuff he managed to fit - nicely - into that bedroom). My evil sister called and informed me that Dad had been put in ICU because they detected a heart flutter and it was the only available bed that had the right monitoring equipment (turns out it was probably from some blood they'd given him the night before), and that last week they'd told Mom that they were finally ready to take him into surgery for his colostomy on Wednesday or Friday - a little scary, and a little confusing since they said they wanted to wait a few weeks, but he's got good doctors that we trust. Quincy came by after work to make sure I was doing ok and even brought me drugs, which helped a little. The four of us went to Appleby's for dinner, then Q and I stopped at Ralph's and picked up the Thanksgiving turkey that I'm in charge of this year. We got back to the house and had some more cuddle time (he's so cute when he's sleeping!), then he left and I went to bed.

Tuesday - Felt good enough to go to work, even though I was still coughing up a lung every five minutes, and managed to get some work done. Had a meeting for the holiday party first thing in the morning, then later in the afternoon I went on the informational interview for the AA position in Carol's office. Learned a lot about the position, but mostly that divisional DO's hate central development; have quite a few misconceptions about what the Regional team is all about; the position is everything I don't like doing (research, writing briefings, etc.) and not much of what I do like doing (event planning, administrative support); it's a completely lateral move (and they cannot offer me any more money than what I'm making now); I have it good where I am; and I've seen Carol completely freak out under stress, which I so don't need. Bottom line, as I suspected (and told Annamarie), they were hardly able to woo me away. Still, it was good to talk to them and I was flattered Carol thinks so highly of my skills. I'll follow up with her next week and let her down gently. (On top of all that, I don't know what my situation will be in 6 months, so I don't think a change would be wise.) Finally headed home and took it easy, including going to bed early. I talked to Mom and she said he was still in ICU, but they were going to go ahead with the surgery on Wednesday, and we had yet another discussion/argument about her actually asking questions and getting answers instead of making guesses and getting upset. Argh. Quincy had a date with his ex (who didn't know they were ex's until recently, evidently), and the funny thing was talking to Quincy when he was just heading out to Numbers while I was just getting into bed. :D We are two such very different people...

Today I actually felt a little worse than yesterday (now that my head has started to get all stuffy), but I decided to head into work anyway since I knew everyone was leaving work early. I did get some stuff done, but the office was completely dead between people out for the day or taking off as soon as they could. I did manage to get a Chancellor's Run polo shirt, 'cause Kyra had extra. When I get back next week I'm going to have to finish up my "12 Days of UCSD" and start recruiting people to help me do it for the holiday party. I left around 1:00, came home, sent out the LYC weekly e-mail, looked up turkey recipies online (looks like I'll still need to call Mom for advice, 'cause everyone does it a little differently, but she's never failed to make a great turkey), watched a little TV, Daniel brought his friend Richard over to play his new Xbox, got a snippy e-mail from the previous LYC webmaster who is insisting I get the website updated ('cause, you know, I'm so slacking with running LYC - whatever!), drank lots of tea, and sucked lots of cough drops. Lynda called and said Dad came through the surgery fine, and they spent about an hour talking with his doctor afterwards to find out what to expect going forward, so it may take some time, but we're hoping this is going to be a big positive turning point in his recouperation. Quincy had rehearsal tonight and was going to color some pictures, which is fine since I need to get my ass to bed.

So tomorrow I get up early, call Mom, cook the turkey and stuff myself silly. No plans Friday, but Q and I will leave late afternoon with David to go see Margaret Cho, then head up to Loscon. I checked my finances and should be able to make it through the weekend until payday, but I really need to keep tabs on things next month (as usual). Ugh.

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