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Today and stuff

Today I start my summer work schedule of 9-hour days and every other Friday off. I did it last summer, but had enough comp time to take every Friday off, so I won't get quite the same reward this year. Still, I have a lot of vacation time, so if I really need to, I'm good. Mom's coming to visit on Thursday for the weekend, so that'll be fun, too.

Otherwise had a fun weekend - gaming with the locals on Friday, then went to visit Sev and Matt all day Saturday for a late celebration of Sev's birthday. We gamed a bit, had some really good Japanese for dinner, then watched the latest Doctor Who. Sunday was spent sleeping in and being generally slothful, but that's not news. :)
Tags: birthday, day to day, doctor who, family, food, friends, gaming, mom, pride house, sci-fi, tv, vacation, weekend, work

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