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An unexpected Stuart sighting

OK, this will take a little explaining...

You ever hear that joke, "What's worse than finding a worm in the apple you just bit into?" The expected reply is, "Half a worm," but a far *better* reply is, "THE HOLOCAUST!" (said in a suitably aghast tone that the responder wouldn't have come to that conclusion on their own).

We used to banter this reply around quite a bit in our board gaming group back in San Diego when Stuart played with us (2004-05), and invariably we'd time it so Stuart was eating or drinking something when we just randomly spouted off, "THE HOLOCAUST!" making him splutter and shoot milk out his nose and all that.

Now, we also used to play a neat little card game called Fluxx, which has been sitting in my storage unit for over four years. I had forgotten that at some point I acquired blank cards so you could make your own; for example, in order to win the game (the Goal), you had to have a combination of two cards in front of you (Keepers) that are generic nouns - cookies, the sun, dreams, war, etc. - in some funny combination (such as "Hippies," which would require peace and love).

Needless to say, we created our own Keepers and Goals, but really, we only needed one - THE HOLOCAUST. I think you can see where this is going now.

So, here I am, playing this version of Fluxx that I haven't seen in over four years, and what do I draw as a Goal card? "Stuart Choking," with the winning Keepers being The Holocaust and any food-related Keeper.

Of course it caught me completely off guard and I about fell out of my chair laughing (no one else got the joke as I'm gaming with a whole new crowd now, so I had to come here to share). All those great memories of gaming with Stuart every week and his great sense of humor and adventure came back and reminded me all over again of how much I appreciated the time I was lucky enough to spend with him (and, of course, how much he's missed).

In a few weeks I'll be attending CON.TXT, the slash convention where he dragged me (only slightly) kicking and screaming into that new fandom, and I'm looking forward to seeing people I met there who also knew Stuart so we can compare silly stories and remember him.
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