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Another lovely weekend

Spent the day Friday touring some of the monuments. Did a loop of the White House, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, WWI Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and one I'd never seen before, 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial, which I rather liked (I'll post pictures later). It was about 4-5 hours of walking, so we were bushed by the time we were done, but I still had a 3-hour drive up to Mom's.

Saturday was doing stuff around the house, and then helping my sister move a couch. Afterwards we took Mom to Applebee's for dinner.

Today we got up a little earlier and went to Generations (nee The Little Inn) in Media for brunch with defenestr8or and buddykat, which was wholly pleasant - both the food and the company were beyond satisfying. We zipped home, grabbed the cats, and made it home so Q could get to work.

One bit of unfortunate news - found out last week that Gaylaxicon in Montreal has been cancelled this year. Disappointing for boywhocantsayno and his team, no doubt, but on the plus side the bid from Atlanta for 2011 has been approved, so we'll just see them 6 months later. And fandom chugs along... :)
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