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Office was around 88 this morning, but it looks like the A/C *finally* kicked in as it's down to 85.3 right now. Turns out we weren't on the waiting list - the chiller broke, but no one bothered to tell us until we pestered them about it. Took 'em long enough. Now I'm warned the building will be freezing for the rest of the summer. Lovely. Also, the pollen has been outrageous in this heatwave - my truck looked like it had a yellow paint job overnight.

Anyway, lots to do today, DC tomorrow, Mom's for the weekend, and brunch with the Medians on Sunday. w00t!
Tags: day to day, dc, history, margibtinlin, medians, mom, philly, razzin' frazzin', travel, weather, weekend, work, wtf?

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