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It's Monday again, isn't it?

80s today. I think I prefer the snow.

2 weeks to California! Lots to do between now and then.

Today is the Medians' 25th anniversary. We're older than fuck.

Took 2 Simply Sleep last night and still feeling the effects. Hooray for fuzzy!

Adam Carolla really needs to keep his moronic mouth shut.

Better Cheddars are my friend today.

Happy Easter to all who celebrated it. The Easter Bunny stopped by for Q with low-carb goodies, but all I got was a rock.
Tags: anniversaries, celebrities, day to day, drama, family, food, friends, gifts, grrr, holiday, liberal rubbish, margibtinlin, medians, ranting and raving, san diego, sleep, travel, weather, weekend, wtf?

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