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Day to day stuff

Friday was Annapolis and a tux fitting, but no suit for me (Men's Warehouse was far pricier than I thought it would be). A quick stop at the mall, then back home for tacos, margaritas, Uno, Uno Attack and Uno Tippo.

Did stuff around the house for the rest of the weekend (Q was working). Filled out the census, took care of some mail, blah blah blah. Mom called in a panic because she saw a mouse in the house, which amused me.

Tossed and turned all night last night and woke up quite ill, so called out sick. Slept in, feeling better. Quick run to Target tonight, but otherwise just catching up on online stuff.

Work tomorrow, Mom's this weekend. My gorgeous life, indeed.
Tags: chores, day to day, food, friends, gaming, health, illness, mom, money, party, philly, shopping, sick, sleep, travel, weekend, work

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