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Today's random updates

Didn't update about the weekend. Friday was gaming, possibly the last at Danny's, the guy that started our local group. We're working on a new location, and in the meantime I've taken over the Meetup account. Saturday was a work get-together with Q's co-workers to meet someone's new fiance. There were margaritas and tacos. Sunday I slept in. Alas, we missed my niece's school performance, but I'm told we'll be able to watch the video with her in-person play-by-play, so hopefully that'll make up for it.

Tonight I spent a lot of money at Amazon. A few needed (and some not-so-needed) items now that some of our tax refund came back. The rest will be spent on tickets to Sacramento, fixing my truck, buying a suit, fixing my tooth, and possibly getting Q a new computer and maybe even get us a new TiVo. With luck, there might be some left over, but I'm not holding my breath.

Mom's dealing with Mary's death by helping Mary's sister with the estate and the house. She's not overdoing it, and it's good to get her out of the house and helping out. So far the family drama has been kept to a minimum, but it's early in the process still. Unfortunately, her memorial service is the same day as Q's brother's wedding - blah.

It's spring break this week, so the library is awfully quiet, which is nice - I'm catching up on a lot. I get Friday off, and we're thinking of having a taco night and watching Rocky Horror, just 'cause it's been ages since I did.

Looking ahead to the wedding next month, with a possible layover in San Diego to go through my storage unit, but we'll see how it goes. I'm all for Q spending a lot of time with his family, but between that being a lot of time for me to spend with them, plus, you know, the whole "OMG YOU'VE CORRUPTED OUR SON STOP BEING TEH GHEY REPENT REPENT!" thing. It'd really be a shame if I make it all the way to the PST and not touch base at my much-missed home. After that it's dolls, comics, sci-fi, slash and, of course, Pennsic to carry us through to the fall. Lots to do, lots to do...


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Mar. 17th, 2010 04:41 am (UTC)
Stop by and see our new digs!
Mar. 17th, 2010 05:43 am (UTC)
It's possible. I just booked the flights, and I'll be in Monday night, spending the majority of the day Tuesday sorting through my storage unit (my main purpose of going, and something I've been needing to do for a while now), then going to Disneyland on Wednesday, then flying home from SD on Thursday. It'll be a whirlwind, so even if I can't get there in person, I'm going to arrange a group dinner somewhere to see all you goofballs. :)
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