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The weekend + this week

So other than friends dying, we had a decent weekend.

Friday night I went gaming with the local group, and I got to christen my new copy of Ticket To Ride. Our organizer lost his job and is moving back to Seattle, so I volunteered to take over the Meetup site and help work on someplace to meet if no one volunteers their place.

Saturday we hit Waldorf for Q's comics, then headed around the loop for his doll club meeting. Nothing much of interest for me there, although the people are extremely nice and I do like chatting with them. (They also found out I have a couple of dolls in my past, specifically the Star Trek Ken and Barbie, as well as Cockring Magic Earring Ken and Western Stompin' Ken, all of which can be blamed on Natalie.)

Afterwards we hit Ikea for some new bedding, then met up with Sev and Matt for Thai food and to poke their fat little kitties.

Sunday was spent in happy, lazy slothdom, although I did do a few chores and booked a room at Charles Town Races & Slots for a birthday weekend we're going to on Friday.

This week will be mostly chores and such. Lots to do - work, plane tickets for Q's brother's wedding, planning out the next few months and figuring out what we can and can't afford to do, food shopping, taxes, Q's resume, etc. My Gorgeous Life, indeed.
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