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Bulletedly Pointed Updates

To whit:

  • A boring weekend and week so far. Q was working all weekend, so I stayed in and futzed around the house a bit (managed to finally get the Christmas tree packed away, for example). Nothing too exciting.

  • Monday night I fell asleep when I got home from work, but last night we went out to dinner and got some shopping done.

  • The new Olive Garden finally opened this week, but of course it's packed to the gills. Hopefully the novelty will wear off so we can go eat there soon. It's not gourmet, but at least it's another choice. I really need to put together a list to help us decide where to go since neither of us can ever make up our minds, and we end up forgetting half the restaurants anyway.

  • Finally got my own copy of Ticket To Ride, which I'm quite happy about. Alas, the local gaming group organizer is moving within the next few weeks, so we need to decide what to do next (I'm willing to help organize, but I can't host - our place is just too small).

  • The College has a new president. Can't wait to see what the students and faculty find to rail about.

  • I see that Virginia's governor has chosen not to extend equal government job protection to the GLBT community. He's a choad, and I empathize with my friends from VA.

  • Some people need to actually go away when they say they're going to go away - not 2 years later. GO AWAY.

  • More snow coming tonight - huzzah! I'm appreciating it for what it is, but Q's oh so over it.

  • This weekend I have gaming on Friday, then I think we're going to Ikea on Saturday. Next weekend we may go to a casino for Angel's birthday. At some point we want to do a taco night, but not sure when.

  • Looking ahead on the calendar, and we have lots of travel coming up we need to plan for - Q's brother's wedding in April, CON.TXT, Philly Wizard-Con and a Tonner con in June, Pennsic in July/August, Gaylaxicon and another Tonner con in October... whew!

    That's it. I know, boring stuff, but that's my life. O woe is me.
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  • 4 years finally over!

    Gone. Finished. Done. Good riddance. BUH-BYE, loser.

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