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A few more random updates

Valentine's Day is Sunday. Q insists it's a Hallmark holiday and refuses to participate, but of course if I don't get him something I'm in the doghouse. I'm hoping a nice home cooked meal (like he gets every night, I might add) will suffice. ;)

While snowbound Q got me to sit down and watch all 5 episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth. WOW. Glad I finally saw it, and I sooooo feel bad for Jack - they write him on such a roller coaster it's painful. Can't wait for next season!

I happened to catch a article today about Obama using teleprompters at an elementary school last month, the one the radical right jumped all over for him. Turns out he did, but at the press conference part of the visit (i.e, for reporters), where he announced the launching of the "Race To The Top" initiative (the whole purpose of him being there), and NOT, as Faux News and right wing pundits would have you believe, while he was actually speaking to the students (which was beforehand). Nice one, you neo-con jerkwads. Would it be ok if he wrote notes on his hand, or is that just reserved for people you agree with?

Anyway, today feels like Monday, not Friday, so I'm glad it's the weekend already. w00t! We may drive up to Waldorf tomorrow to go to the mall or something, just to get out of Podunk, MD for a while...
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