Esprix (esprix) wrote,

A snowy miracle

First, we got another foot plus more of snow, including a nice thin thick layer of ice from the sleet that came down first. Lovely. Mom got it worse than us this time around. AND IT'S STILL COMING DOWN.

Second, just got the call that we're closed tomorrow, too, and a chance we'll be closed Friday as well. The local school district is now closed until Tuesday (Monday's a holiday), which means most of the region's schools have been closed the entire week. Wow.

Third, to give you an example of how bad it is, when I was heading into work yesterday, there was a team of guys at the office park at the end of the street shovelling snow off the flat roof, as there have been several collapses. I'm sure more doesn't help.

Third, a blessed miracle has occurred! Quincy shovelled snow for the first time ever in his life! He thought it would be "fun," which it was, for about a half hour. Then the snowballs started. Then he got cold and tired and went inside. Such a kid.

Finally, we ordered pizza. I'm tipping the delivery guy a LOT.
Tags: lexington park, mom, philly, pride house, q, weather, work

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