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Thursday stuff

Work was ok. Had gift processing training this morning and was amused that the big universities are measured by the size of their endowments (UCSD's is only around $4 billion, I think). Took everything in me not to make the obvious comments :D Had soup and half a Submarina sandwich for lunch, as I think I'm coming down with the flu or whatnot. Bleargh. Also found out the bags are being given away at the retreat tomorrow, but that still leaves us with over 300 of them, so heaven knows what they're going to do with them.

Yudi hung up on me today! He was saying that he was getting irked that Quincy kept picking on him last night at rehearsal, and I reminded him that we all make fun of each other all the time - he does it to me, I do it to him, Pat does it to me, whatever. Well he basically said, "The way I do it it's different," meaning he doesn't take what he considers to be pot shots at anyone (like the way they look). I reminded him of how many times he's made fun of me for my blond hair, or my pale skin, or whatever, and he totally denied it. He also tried to dissect each comment he's ever made about me, and it started turning into a point-by-point Dope thread over the phone. I just said, "Look, if it gets to be too much, just tell us, like I sometimes have to tell you that I've reached my limit, and we back off. But, really - if you dish it out, you have to learn how to take it." He said, "OK, later," and hung up on me! He apologized later and said he's just sick with his asthma and is a little stressed out, but I was shocked he would do that. I'm not mad at him, I'm just surprised he would react that way, considering how ironic the argument he was trying to make. He's obviously stressed, because that is very out of character for him - I mean, we love our little debates, but he's never gotten that angry before, and really for no good reason.

We had the LYC EC meeting tonight. Got work done. Yay. The year-end banquet is now the new year kick-off, and we'll have it in January.

I feel like I'm way behind on so many projects, especially Gaylaxicon. I have so much to do in the next 5 months it's scary. I really want this con to succeed, but I really think our lack of national advertising is going to bite us in the end. Argh. I also started a new to-do list, so I think that will help.

I'm also concerned about my finances, but what else is new? {sigh}

I'm tired, I feel sick, I feel overwhelmed, and now I'm sad.

I also love Quincy and want to build a life with him. That makes me happy, but sad.

I'm weird. Goodnight.

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