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More political ramblings

So, the guy who "To Catch A Predator"'d ACORN is busted trying to sneak into a Senator's office and tamper with the phones. Was he going for illegal wiretapping, or just miffed that she wouldn't take his calls?

Interesting to watch the righty pundits, after heralding his oh-so-not-so-revolutionary "Gotcha ya!" investigative techniques (not quite "journalism" with all his bias showing) after ACORNgate, sloooowly backing away from him now. Sure, ACORN fucked up, but what did he have against this Senator? Could it be she has a little "D" before the "-LA" on the CNN newscrawl? Naaaaah!

Oh, and after consideration, I'm pretty peeved at the Supreme Court, too. What candidate could compete against a large business that wanted to throw money at their opponent? I understand that companies have a vested interest in who gets elected (as do their shareholders), but there were reasonable outlets for them to express their choices before without the ability to financially overwhelm whoever they don't like. I think it hurts the political process, and I cringe to think what might come next. I had hoped that SCOTUS would protect voters from those politicians who only think of how to raise enough money to get re-elected every year, but I guess not.
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