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My liberal rantings

My thoughts on the State of the Union:

  • Man, he still knows how to give a stirring speech.

  • When's the last president that smiled, joked, and made everybody laugh like that?

  • Thank you for admitting some of the things weren't popular, aren't finished, or aren't perfect. Identify the problems and solve them.

  • OK, on the one hand, you're not stumping anymore - don't talk over the applause. On the other hand, you are - let's hope the Republicans finally get on board.

  • Oh, please, Republicans - the bipartisanship in your applause speaks volumes about how backwards and heartless some of you really are, and how concerned you only are for your jobs. Get over it.

  • Who do they keep focusing on? Is that Brown from Mass? He looks like he's made of leather.

  • The Republicans only applaud when he says something about business or war.

  • Cute! House/Senate competition and pride. :)

  • Very good - rise to the challenge presented by other countries beating us in so many ways. Echoes of JFK. Love it!

  • Wow that's a big building.

  • Nuclear power? Interesting. Republicans love that idea.

  • Oops - Dems hesitated on the offshore drilling idea.

  • Wow, really? Clean energy doesn't get a standing ovation? Jerks.

  • Ha! Stick it to 'em if they think global warming is a myth - it still makes sense economically.

  • It's interesting - they seem unsure with his cadence, and their applause is kind of spattered at times. Such white people. :)

  • Sure, you all applaud for better education, but WHERE'S THE MONEY FOR IT? Better education will solve SO MANY of our problems. UGH! (See? Who didn't stand up for Pell Grants and a higher education tax credit? STOOPID!)

  • Thank you - solid healthcare makes sound economic sense, and I'm glad to see everybody stand up for THAT.

  • My goodness Michelle is a beautiful, classy lady.

  • Ooo, look - a president who takes responsibility. How refreshing from the last 8 years.

  • "Let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the American people." Amen.

  • Yes, let's not forget what Bush did before Obama even took office. Can't change that, and not this administration's fault - they're dealing with both problems they were left with and ones that are ongoing. Can't solve everything in one year.

  • Why are Republicans against a federal spending freeze?

  • Ah, yes - change. He's right - the status quo got us into this mess, so we need something different to get out of it.

  • Wow - way to diss the Supremes, but it's a valid observation.

  • Public earmarks? That'll be interesting...

  • Spread that blame!

  • Good! Remind the Democrats to stay the course, and remind the Republicans that without a supermajority, BOTH parties become responsible for action.

  • OMG FINALLY! REPEAL DADT! THANK YOU! It *IS* the right thing to do!

  • Thank you for reminding both politicians and disruptive talking heads that they're not helping rebuild a little faith in our government.

  • Gee, can't wait to see the Republican response...
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