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Hey, you! Yeah, you, in the parking lot! I'm not sure why you don't know this, but allow me to remind you - the rules apply to you, too! Maybe your mother raised you wrong, or maybe you imagine you're special or important, but you're not. See that sign that says "No Parking?" DON'T PARK THERE. See those pretty white lines? PARK THERE. And even though there are no explicit "No Parking" signs at the end of each row, do you see any white lines there? NO. DON'T PARK THERE.

Why do people think that rules don't apply to them, either legal or social? This also goes for the people at the shopping center who park in the fire lane in front of the store they're in (grocery store, Best Buy, Wal*Mart, whatever), the people who ignore the single line for multiple cashiers and just walk up to one, the people who think their problems are more important than anyone else's so they should be served first, the people who don't read directions or signs and then expect everyone else to cater to their ignorance, the people who don't use turn signals, the people who race up and force their way into merging traffic even when they knew about it a mile ago, and everybody else with a false sense of entitlement. SHUT UP, SIT DOWN, WAIT YOUR TURN AND GET OVER YOURSELF.

(My I'm cranky today!)
Tags: grrr, pissed off, ranting and raving, razzin' frazzin', wtf?

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