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Wow, really, Massachusetts Democratic party? Really?

First of all, thanks a lot for falling down on the job. The biggest thing this guy has going for him is he owns a truck. WTF?

Secondly, what is it with my homies snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Seriously - WTF is wrong with the DNC leadership the last 8 years?

Third, Teddy's spinning in his grave. Not only did we lose MASSAFUCKINGCHUSETTS to the Republicans, but his long-time ambition is in serious jeaopardy. How fucking hard does the guy have to work to watch you piss it away?

OK, look, I know healthcare is going to pass in some form, but way to drop the fucking ball in the last few seconds. Now we have to make do, and that's a bunch of bullshit to the people who really need this right now.

So, basically, a big "FUCK YOU!" to my fellow liberals up north. Don't stand there and shake your heads tomorrow - as Jon Stewart would say, sack up and get it right the next time.


[P.S. If you don't agree with me, stuff a sock in it and go gloat somewhere else. I really don't want to hear it right now.]
Tags: grrr, liberal rubbish, pissed off, politics, wtf?
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