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  • Good day at work - stopped and got donuts for the November birthdays breakfast (and had a really huge turnout for some reason), got some financial stuff done this morning, had a good meeting with AMB, had a meeting about the catering for the holiday party, stopped at the Bookstore to pick up stuff for the Regional team presentation at the retreat Friday, and then went to the reception for the 4th anniversary of the LGBT Resource Center on campus. Still have lots of things to do, though. Ebonye and Rebecca were out today in LA.

  • Playing Bang at the moment (I was the Renegade and got killed) with David, Daniel and Myke.

  • Tomorrow morning is Gift Processing training first thing in the morning - ugh. Means I actually need to get into work close to on time. Bleargh.

  • May meet with Bill tomorrow night.

  • Still not sure what Q and I are doing this weekend.

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