Esprix (esprix) wrote,

10 days to go? AAAAAH!

OK, so I got the Christmas tree up on the balcony (outdoor one for decoration, not indoor one for ornaments). I'm going to have to bungie the fucker down 'cause it's so windy, but now half the lights are out. My sister told me about a handy-dandy gun you can get that not only detects the bad bulbs, but fixes the bulb and/or the socket, as needed. Well it found where the bad socket was, but it's not fixing it right. Grrr. Still, it'll look cute once I get it all set up. I'm not doing the whole house trimmed in lights this year - it's too late and the weather has been less than cooperative. Still, I'll get a few things up, plus do some stuff inside, as we're in the process of planning Gaymas for January (Christmas and New Year's will be spent elsewhere this year).

Meanwhile, lots to do at work to wrap up before vacation, and now I'm actually kind of glad we don't have all of next week off. Friday is the holiday party, Saturday we'll hopefully get the last of our shopping done (if we have any money left over), I'll work Monday and hopefully leave early Tuesday, then Wednesday we're heading up to Mom's for the Annual Margibtinlin Corporate Meeting & Holiday Party, including food, friends, and gifts that are comically inappropriate and sexually suggestive to trade for something benignly useless in a lovely wrapped presentation that no one gives a shit about.

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