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Thanksgiving and "The Prisoner"

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at our friends Greg & John's house, with their soon to be adopted daughter Jocelyn and their foster son Moe. T'was quite nice to catch up with them, and hopefully we'll see them again around Christmas.

I finished watching The Prisoner last night, and ultimately found it lacking. Ian McKellan was, of course, virtually untouchable, but the rest was just bleh. They tried so earnestly to achieve mood that they completely forewent plot. They sacrificed characters we could relate to so they could get the proper balance of spooky and esoteric. I never watched the original series save but for a few episodes, but I can only gather that it was a far superior product, and hopefully managed, like Dark Shadows or similar, to draw its mood and theme and plot out over a prolonged period of time while successfully keeping the viewer engaged and entertained, without giving too much away. Sadly, I pretty much had this one pegged well before the ending. And, seriously, what was up with the dialogue? I'm all for subtlety, misdirection and thoughtful, witty interplay, but a lot of this just didn't make any sense, even if you could follow the convoluted trail of breadcrumbs they were trying (unsuccessfully) to leave for you. All in all, pretty much crap, except for McKellan. Disappointing.

Q's last night of work tonight, and then we're heading up to Mom's for the rest of the weekend. Should be fun.
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