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An extraordinarily fabulous weekend!

Friday - Headed home, got changed, picked up Q and saw "You Should Be So Lucky" by Charles Busch at the OnStage Playhouse in Chula Vista. It's so nice to go see regional theater again, as the production was quite fun and well done. We planned it as an LYC event (although only Q and I went) because one of our members, Jeff, was in it, but it turns out that a co-worker of mine was in it as well! Keen! Afterwards we got food at Brians' and I spent the night at Q's.

Saturday - We had breakfast (well, a late brunch) at Country Waffles, then we actually stopped by the hospital where Q works! He'd forgotten some notes for a test on Monday so we needed to pick it up. Granted no one was there, but it was a bit weird to be on what is considered a Naval installation (even though it's just the classroom building next to the hospital). So I saw where Q spends his days, even if I didn't get to flirt with... er, I mean meet any of his classmates. :D Afterwards we stopped by a comic shop, got to coffee (on time, no less!), did Thai Cafe for dinner, and then headed to Balboa Park with Yudi, Chris, Simon and Mario to see a production of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" performed by Lyric Opera San Diego with our friend Puay as one of the policemen. Afterwards we all went to the Living Room for dessert, and I ended up staying at Q's again.

Sunday - Got up, grabbed Starbucks for breakfast, went to the comic shop Q gets his subscription from in Poway (he had a couple weeks' worth of comics waiting for him), and then went to the San Diego Zoo! Highlights included seeing the sleeping koalas, the cute panda bears, watching a polar bear masturbate, discovering red pandas, saw the hippos out of the water, took the skyfari (where Q first told me he loved me) and, our mission for the day, finding out I am a white-faced whistling duck because it sounds like this, only a LOT louder, which we discovered on our last trip to the zoo. T'was a quite fun day! Afterwards we were waiting for Yudi and David to call after they got out of a movie, so we went to Hillcrest and walked around, and met them at Covette Diner for dinner. Afterwards Q and I talked about Important Relationship Stuff, and then I headed home.

Today it's back to work, not much going on. May do more laundry tonight. Tomorrow I have an LGBT staff lunch, and I think tomorrow we're going to sing karaoke with Yudi. Wednesday is the LGBT Resource Center anniversary after work, so I'll probably stop in there for a bit. Thursday I have a training class in the morning. Friday we have our Development retreat over lunch. Q got free passes to Knott's Berry Farm, so we may go there this weekend. (We were thinking of heading to Disneyland, but I don't have enough for an annual passport at the moment - maybe after Dec. 1.) I also have a G'con staff meeting Sunday, and I need to meet with folks this week to get ready for it.

So, busy week, but what else is new? Ugh.

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