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An up and down kind of weekend

Friday night was fun, as Q didn't have to work so he joined me at gaming. We played Soaps, Betrayal at House on the Hill and TransAmerica (I recently bought another copy of Five Crowns, but no one was up for a rummy game). There was also a new person joining us, so that will make 6 core players in the group plus Q whenever he decides to tag along.

Saturday we got up relatively early (for me) to head up to DC for Q's monthly doll club meeting. Our friend Ed was coming down from Philly, so we wanted to make it. Alas, it turned into quite the ordeal. First, we got out the door a little late, but still with plenty of time. Then right out of the gate we got stopped at the two-lane bridge out of our area for about a half an hour for construction. OK, so we would be a little late, no biggie. Then once we hit the outer loop around DC, everything came to a standstill. We inched along for an hour and a half, Q cursing out the GPS on our phones for being moronic, and debating back and forth about what to do. Finally the choice was made for us - the car dinged that we were almost out of gas, so we scooted across to get off at the next exit. Wouldn't you know it, it was that's the exit they were forcing *everyone* to take, as 495 was completely closed between somewhere around the arena and 50. We got off, found a gas station, and then spent another 45 minutes trying to find a way around all the congestion (ended up going all the way out past Bowie - it was a mess!). What should have taken a little over an hour ended up taking *four* hours. NOT HAPPY.

Anyway, the meeting was still going on, and everyone was very nice about us making it finally, and we stayed and chatted for a while. Unfortunately Ed couldn't stay for dinner, but we dropped one member off on our way into DuPont Circle to meet up with our friend Frank, who was visiting from San Diego. We met up with him and another ex-San Diegan, Bob (friends of Q's and Frank's from the Gay Men's Chorus), and had a lovely dinner at Thai Chef and drinks at JR's (where Q once again proved he still had it, based on the boys hitting on him when my back was turned). It was quite fun, and made up for the horrendous afternoon stuck in traffic.

Sunday we both slept in, caught up on TiVo, and Q went to work. I watched the first two hours of "The Prisoner," and although I can certainly see its faults, it was an ok watch and I'll finish it out, if for no other reason than to see Ian McKellan, who is most stupendous no matter what he does. (I should avoid watching it too close to bed, though - I had some weird dreams last night...)

So now I'm at work, a nice short week. Tomorrow we're having a little pizza lunch, and doubtless they'll let us go early. Q's working all week, but we did get an invite to see friends for Thanksgiving afternoon. Q also found out he's not working next Sunday like we thought, so we're considering heading up to Mom's on Saturday, since if we don't we likely won't see her until Christmas.

So that's it. I know, SO exciting, right? :P
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