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Customer Service 101

So I ordered something from a small company. Their website says it typically takes them 1-5 days to ship an order out, and I ordered USPS priority mail, which typically takes 2-3 days. I only took a closer look at this information when the order still hadn't arrived in 9 days, and I thought something might be amiss.

I find out from reading their website that they have been plagued with both the flu and equipment malfunctions, and that some orders have been delayed by a few days. This information was posted on their company's discussion boards, but no e-mail was sent directly to any customer with pending orders.

When I suggested that sending such an e-mail might have been more appropriate, I was told that if I wanted to know what's going on, I needed to subscribe to their announcements forum; if I chose not to, then they feel they don't owe customers any other kind of contact, as it was only a few days delay, and as 9 days is within their normal timeframe (which they are now saying is actually 7-10 days).

First, I feel like I'm being preached at, that not knowing my order might be delayed is *my* fault; second, they don't do a very good job of taking a conciliatory tone with a customer; and third, they seem to think that web-based information dissemination is adequate, and it's more than any of those bigger companies would offer, so they don't need to do any more.

Do you think this is acceptable customer service?

(It's a shame, really - I will likely order from them again only because they are the only people to offer certain products, and they do seem to offer a valuable service, but the tone was so snotty it just really, really put me off.)

Edited to add: They're sticking by their 7-10 day timeframe (no guarantees, of course). I ordered it on the 11th, which means that under normal circumstances I would have expected to receive it tomorrow (at the latest). They just told me it should go out today, which means I won't receive it until Monday, the 23rd. That's a total of 12 days, so they still missed the mark. A simple "FYI/just in case" e-mail would have prevented me even having to visit their website, let alone get into this with them on their discussion boards.

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