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Another weekend come and gone

This weekend was Sloth-O-Rama. We survived several days of rain last week (yay rain!), so Friday night we finally got up to Waldorf to pick up Q's comics, and we perused the mall a bit (and started our holiday shopping). Saturday we both slept in, and Q started back on 12-hour shifts. Once he left I went into full Bum Mode - TiVo, movies, internet, games, BLAH. Went to bed late, we both slept in again yesterday, lather, rinse, repeat. WONDERFUL.

No big plans this week - work, some grocery shopping, whatever. Saturday is his doll meeting, which I'll probably go to because I think Ed is coming down from Philly, so that'll be fun. Q has off Tuesday through Saturday, then it's back to work Sunday for 6 days straight - ugh. Poor boo. With him working we're not going up to Mom's, but friends have invited us over for Thanksgiving. I have off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so if the weather's nice I'll try to get some Christmas decorating done. I also have a plan for some family gifts that I may get started on as well.

So, yeah. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along...
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