Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Oh, that wacky radical right!

Orly Taitz is not someone the birthers should be proud of. I admit there are some serious liberal wackos out there, but this woman takes right-wing nutjob to a whole new level. Getting smacked down by a judge in a written opinion should really only cause people to shun her, yet they continue to shout "corrupt judges!" and embrace her ever-more crazy schemes. (And for the record, no, there will be no trial on Jan. 23 where Obama has to finally - FINALLY! - produce his REAL birth certificate. Really. Get over it.)

As someone pointed out to me, if the birthers were right, then we'd get Biden/Pelosi. Is that what they want? Oh, no, it's not - what they want is for the entire 2008 election to be declared void and either have another election or, simpler, just put McCain in, wait for him to die, and then OMG WE'LL HAVE PRESIDENT PALIN AT LAST YAYMYHEDXPLODZ!!!ONEONE!!!

(Don't ask me why I read this stuff. I really do have better things to do.)
Tags: internet junk, liberal rubbish, observations, politics, ranting and raving, roflcopter

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