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A little bleeding heart rant, by me

I am kind of shocked at seeing some in the LGBT community exhibit such patently racist, elitist and bigoted behavior lately. Really? Have we ghetto-ized ourselves so much that we're insulated against seeing discrimination and inequality that others suffer? We have the temerity to complain that the black community isn't supportive enough of us, yet we find it perfectly acceptable to denigrate women, minorities, the disabled and the homeless (and let's not forget those nasty trannies - surely a weight around our cause's neck!)?

Just because you spend all your time with your gay friends in your gay (gentrified) neighborhoods going to gay bars and eating at gay restaurants and dancing at gay clubs does not mean the fight is over, other people are at fault for not having it as good as us, or that you're better than anyone else. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES.

Here endeth the rant.
Tags: facebook, friends, grrr, liberal rubbish, queer issues, queer stuff, ranting and raving, righteous rage, snark, wtf?

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