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Halloween weekend

So, all in all, a nice weekend.

Friday we had a little fete at work, but no one got dressed up (except our statue downstairs, who I did up as Michael Jackson). I made a lame attempt by wearing an Incredible Hulk t-shirt and would unbutton my dress shirt if anyone made me mad. :) I had planned on playing some City of Heroes Friday night, but the week got the better of me and I ended up falling asleep on the couch right around the time Q left for work, waking up just long enough to feed the cats and climb into bed.

Saturday we were up and out around noon to attend Q's doll Halloween gathering in Alexandria. He wore his kilt, I wore my chiton. Good turnout, nice people, and the doll he repainted for someone was well received. From there we went to look at a custom dollhouse another member is looking to get rid of, but it's an actual HOUSE, i.e., a small cottage for someone 16" tall. Like HUGE. (Like NO WAY was it coming home with us. Ever.)

After that we stopped and picked up dessert and booze for the evening party, and drove into DC. We got there a little early, but we and the hosts were happy to dig into the food anyway (and there was PLENTY left over at the end of the night). Q, of course, changed into another outfit (his Middle Eastern garb, very flashy). A good time was had by all, even though at points I was totally lost since they were all speaking Tagalog. :) Alas, they all decided to go clubbing, so I was dragged to Secrets for the first time. Meh. Finally got out of there after 2:00 (old 2:00, not new 2:00), and had to pull over for a certain someone to throw up on the way home (first time I've ever seen him do that, poor boo).

Sunday was a restful day of sloth - I caught up on e-mail and such while Q started painting a new doll for a competition at the Tonner convention he's going to in New York this weekend. This week should be mostly quiet - nothing major planned except some food shopping and Q leaving on Friday.

So that's it. Back at work today, for what it's worth. Cheers! :)

Oh, and here's a pic:

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