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Happy Halloween Eve!

Are you wearing a costume at work today? If so, what? (I'll post pictures of mine later.) What are you wearing tomorrow?

Wearing a Halloween costume to work is tricky - you want something fun and comfortable, but not too over the top. In the past I've done:

  • Starfleet - very easy, just the uniform tunic with black dress pants and shoes.
  • The Phantom of the Opera - I had a tux at the time, with just the half mask.
  • Bob Dole - this was when he was running in 1996 and I was stuck in a right-leaning office; I wore a suit with a Dole button, clutched a pen in my right hand, and kept saying, "Bob Dole says..."
  • A cat burglar - I wore black shoes, pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves, knit hat and mask, with fake jewels spilling out of my pockets (and my cow-orkers thought I was Batman).
  • A devil - again the tux, this time with a red bowtie and horns on a hairband (that tux got a lot of use).
  • A surfer - my first year in San Diego, with jeans (it was chilly that day), sandals, a Hawaiian shirt and white makeup on my nose.
  • My predecessor in my last job - everyone said we talked the same, worked the same and acted the same, so I just said I was him. :)
  • Medieval-ish garb - it's cheating if you're in the SCA, of course, but it sure is comfy; I've worn everything from generic peasant wear, to a kilt, to a kimono.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some from years past. What are some other easy office-appropriate costumes you've thought of, seen or worn?
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