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These are the most God awful bagels I've ever had. BLEARGH.

Anyway, had a little get together with queer staff and faculty last night, which was pleasant. Wine, cheese, fruit, cider, pumpkin pie, cookies, and dish dish dish! It was just a few of us boys, so it was nice to catch up now that we're all back on campus.

Tonight and tomorrow I have no idea what we're doing, and Saturday is two Halloween parties, one with the doll freaks, and the other with Q's friends in DC. Should be amusing. I'm probably wearing my SCA garb, which is cheating, but I'm too lazy to put anything together. Not in the Halloween mood as I normally am, I guess because I knew we weren't going to be at the house Halloween night, so I didn't decorate (not that it matters - last year we got 5 groups of kids, so I kind of lost my enthusiasm). We are doing a little Halloween cider and cookies party on Friday in the office, so at least that's something.
Tags: blah, costuming, dc, dolls, food, friends, garb, halloween, holiday, party, queer stuff, sca, travel, work

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