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I can cook?

I'm getting good at this cooking thing. Tonight we had chicken satay with rice, and in the past I've done stir-fry General Tso chicken, and I'm looking for a decent orange sauce (I got one with ginger but didn't like it, and for some odd reason it's hard to find around here). I also picked up a roast to make at some point (I'm thinking crock pot), I've got a turkey breast in the freezer, and we've been picking up spices and sauces and marinades all over the place for the past few months. Even Q's getting creative with his breakfasts, experimenting with a whole myriad of spices.

I have to say, though, that I really get my mother's age-old complaint when we were growing up - it's not the cooking that's hard, it's deciding what to have (and Q's no help at all when it comes to deciding). Q's all about the Atkins, which is fine because I've got to have some kind of meat for the main dish, too, and I'm fully aware how simple yet wonky my own tastes are, but beyond that it's all about what to actually *do* with it.

I need to make two randomized lists - one of local restaurants, and one of dishes we've tried and liked. :)

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