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Co-workers as spellcheck

I just received this e-mail at work today (identifiying parts redacted to protect the mockworthy):

Website Typo contest and rewards

Hello Faculty and Staff. As of last friday, a website comprised of several webpages was put "live" online. It showcases some of our current efforts and acheivments, and serves as a resource, and even has a "reccomended reads", a section I hope expands as all of you and students send me suggestions via email. It also will help connect different people on campus who work on initiatives and offer an avenue of communication.

But on to the contest part of the email. Working on a Windows 2007 computer on the Cascade server to make the website forced me to often type straight into the server. As a result of the magnitude of text and work and my own pitiful ability to spell words as simple as "thier" on a regular basis, there are a fair number of typos, grammer errors and the like (cascade lacks a spell check... or at least it's annoying to use). So I would like your help in identifying them and fixing these typos.

So here's the deal: Go check out the site. If you read through the content, look for typos, etc. For every three errors you find and email me, you earn a beverage at the campus coffee shop. You just email me the page you found them on and indicate the error (i.e. "can you here the roar?). Because I am months out of college, I can only afford to get coffee for the first time an error is identified- so act fast. *BUT* I will wait one week before I make any changes, and in that time period you're welcome to find and list as many errors as you can. S/He who identifies the most errors, regardless of the time s/he emails me in the next week gets a smoothy.

So why not explore the new site and reconnect with the staunch grammerian inside us all?

Thanks everyone!"


"I work at a college but am too lazy to be professional and too stupid to learn English, so I am asking the entire campus community to proofread my work and don't care that I'm broadcasting that laziness and stupidity to all of my co-workers and superiors and making myself look foolish."

Let's not even talk about the myriad of typos and grammatical errors in the e-mail itself. And this guy is a graduate of this very college! I'm so ashamed... :(

(I e-mailed him and pointed out this might not be the best way to showcase his department's hard work. I'll let you know if he replies.)
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